Value Relationships

We sometimes do not appreciate others to the fullest capacity at which we should.

Some are Lucky because they have the chance to re-think and re-evaluate so they can finally admire others and appreciate roles they have played in their lives.

This thought process of acknowledging the role of people is stirred by memories of people that have transcended the shores of mortals and it has become impossible to see, feel, touch or laugh with them anymore. At least not in this territory called “Earth“.

Other set of people are those that due to life happenings you became far apart, living in different continent with a new way of life and other things that makes us to miss each others daily activities.

There are others who due to our resolutions and goals have separated us and reduced the intimacy in our relationships.

We should often make the best use of every time and situation we have and make the best of relationships, be it family, workplace or any other.

Cherish the friends you can literally touch,hug, smile with and at, gist and sleep beside, these moments won’t last forever.

Take not for granted those far away that you can still visit, check up on them.
Appreciate the ones you can call, face time, video call and Skype.

For the ones that have due to resolution or decision become strangers, you can only wonder or try to understand why it has become so, after which you will choose either to cherish the past times or do away with the memories.

For those you cannot see anymore , we can pray that they rest in peace, miss them and then pray for them once again.

To those that have lost a loved one either to death, bad relationship or personal decision I pray for the fortitude to bear the Loss and Pain.

I also pray for you :strength to carry on!!

My people take the comment section of this page to mention that person you miss, pray for that person you lost

Message that person that is still alive!

Profess your Love, show how much you care!!

Make that call!!! Appreciate those that are still near and dear to your heart!!!

Selah !!

60 thoughts on “Value Relationships

  1. Deeply thought and well written. We must indeed cherish the people that are close to us because life is fleeting and every moment counts.


    1. Thank you Yemi, we should also try to capture these beautiful memories we have with those who are close to us now so we can actually ‘hold on’ to the memories and make them last forever


  2. Awwww I like page…. but with all what I read and put God first no Matter. Let apply this in our relationships and our friendship, and let learn how to forgive… no matter what our husband do to us or friends if it has not gone out of the way or weird… I av some friends that am open this kind of page but I choose not to comment bcos they don’t practice what they preach… they just want to be a blogger… not knowing that their marriage is not okay and infact they are not friendly… but maybe this page will make amend to some people’s life’s either ways….


      1. Easier said than done;I pray God help me to forgive totally, because most times I believe I have forgiven my offenders,and oftentimes, they keep offending me the more…. Hmmm make my forgiveness no go finish ooo.

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      2. Amen! God will help you to forgive totally but you don’t have to subject yourself to a particular association or anyone that keeps offending you. We should also live our life in a way that we seldom take offence, that way we have the key to our happiness and mental sanity in our own hands!!


  3. Wow!!
    Amazing piece.
    Relationships are meant to be cherished cos when time and space sets in things changes.

    Friends still become strangers though and some people we’re mutually connected with right now will becomes strangers soon


  4. My sister!! my sister!!! Glad you are finally putting things into writing. This is well said.

    I love my family, they are God’s greatest gift to me!

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  5. Congratulations Aroha looking forward to reading more article s from your blog
    u know I value you so much and
    Very true value everyone around you now not when they’re no more with you

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  6. It’s been a great and phenomenal day for me as I reconnected with pleasant memories!!
    I got contacts of friends I had lost touch with,
    I called, scheduled hangout time with the ones near
    To my friend Olufunmilayo Olumide I know that one day I shall hear from you. You are greatly missed and loved by the ‘squad’


  7. Beautiful charge on relationship

    I miss : Jude Ude, Peter Ani, Rehina Alhassan, Safiya JIBRIL,

    I “missed” Nigeria of old too


  8. This is a very nice article I must say…
    Most times we forget to check on people we claim to love, sometimes out of pride and sometimes because they didn’t check on us “first”.
    I hope we change that attitude and cherish relationships, friendships and any “ship” at all…
    Thanks Salome.


  9. I really love ur article it just reminded me that some relationship are precious and nt meant to be taken fr granted….and fr the lost relationship I guess dey were just part of the process ..while some makes us stronger… Thanks for dis.. keep inspiring people

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    1. Thank you for your kind words happiness, hope you clicked on the subscribe button so you can get notification for our subsequent posts? And yes some relationships help us to maturity, we should always trust and allow our growth process!!


  10. Most times, we can’t really see what it is we have until we become in need, while some have learnt so dearly, yet again others make the same mistake. We also forget most atimes the people that really matter to us would hurt us so we quickly shift our focus from them when the going is rough forgetting even the earliest principles Christ gave us for successful relationships with man “….love (even) your enemies….”


    1. Yes Victor, sometimes we take for granted relationships we should have cherished, we should also practice forgiveness and always ask for forgiveness from those we have offended or taken for granted.


  11. I miss my dad..we’ll meet some day to part no more…I do really miss you dad I can’t just get you off my memory.I still cry anytime I think about are irreplaceable I love you ocean size father! #Your favourite


  12. We all need to place value on our relationships. Not all relationships are to be kept. ONLY healthy relationships should be nurtured and we must do all we can to see them grow.

    A relationship that has gone south can be restored if we desire. It’s not a one-sided game as all the parties need to play their part.
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts.


  13. Thank you, daddy and mummy . Thank you for your love. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for being a good, hard working human being who encouraged me to be the best person I can be and to do the best I can in everything I wish to achieve. So thank you for that.


  14. The past that says cherish the ones you can literally touch, hug,… Means a whole lot to me.. Weldone on this… You’ve been my inspiration since 2002…youre the best ArohaSalome my own sister Ife!!!


  15. What a beautiful piece. More wisdom in Jesus name. We need to value relationships because at one point of our life we need people to lean on. A tree can not make a forest, u can’t be what u want to be without people. I choose to value people around me and every moment together.


  16. Really a nice one. I grew up knowing well that it’s very important but hustling and bustling at times make you always forget but write-ups like this will bring back those good old days. Really if you reflect ogun omode can sere fun ogun Odun. Thanks for this.


  17. “Cherish the friends you can literally touch,hug, smile with and at, gist and sleep beside, these moments won’t last forever”



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