It’s been quite a journey, one that has shaped my life I must confess.
Most times we generate certain emotion about an issue or occurrence not because we are not strong enough for that phase but because we were not prepared for it neither did we catch a glimpse of the possibility of its happening.
The suddenness of the event causes us to be disappointed in both ourselves for not intuiting and the institution or entity that seemingly ‘failed’ us.

If I fail to mention all that I will never forget, I cannot but gist and enumerate incidences that will linger for a long long time.
They need not be peculiar to Diamond as a Banking/Financial Institution in Nigeria or even the world at large but they are memories created for me to hold as long as I can by my dear DIAMOND.

I remember my Training School days, my training school class (The ICONS) and the whole Training School Experience.
It all started on the 7th of May 2012,in the Abuja training school, I was still a little bit clueless about some aspect of life, young, beautiful and Petite IFE.

We the ICONs were a class of 55, the discipline instilled, the classroom examples and the expectation and anticipation to be a qualified and refined diamond ‘no be here’
I can’t forget the HR woman, Mary Helen, her dedication to work for me was equal to none, although she was removed before training school was barely half way, I remember crying(yes am that emotional) when I heard she had been ‘tsunamied’ a word we use when our colleagues are told to go ‘home’ (compulsory resignation)

I personally learnt courage, diamonds are to be bold, I mean the gem stone diamond can’t be hidden,it shines bright!
I remember the pencil and permanent marker analogy, telling us our names were written in pencil and can be erased until we passed our final training school exams.
Our ‘first’ and most hammered core value: Integrity!
The fact that it is also a watchword of the Isaac Ijaopo family where I am born into; it resonated so much with me

The flight from Abuja to Lagos after the classroom training for a chat with the then GMD Alex Otti as a prerequisite for recruitment so as to avoid recruitment error. My chat experience is also unforgettable.That was the experience that killed fear and timidity for me.
I became unstoppable in the expression of the boldness I have always had.
On the job, my ‘thief catching experiences’ made me explore my investigative mind even professionally.

The people, my internal customers, fellow diamonds!! Oh what a blessing! From my experience in the North to Southwest we are all a formidable crew!!

There came the rebranding, from the shades of grey to all the shades of beautiful, can anyone remember our lemon lanyard and our thoughts about it and it was later changed?

Our old Diamond Bank Logo
Our New Diamond,all the shades of beautiful!

The revamped dress code, our lovely branded T Shirts, full of swag and style, the days where we will be told to dress interestingly and different, the opinion poll for beard or no beard,jeans or no jeans.
The yammer gists, the face of diamond competition, the #bankonher #itsalovething competition that brought out my manifesto skills! lol

South West People

North 1 People

Ankara Day

Jersey day!
North People
Old school day!

The advent of the new diamond structure as in buildings, the project 500, the tsunami lists, the F**bs 10 and D*W emergence. ( A True Diamond will be able to fill in the gaps)

World Class

A ‘Glass’ Branch..Life Camp Abuja

Corporate Communications Unit and all their emails to announce the dress code, their swavy electronic announcement boards to give a pictural idea of what you are expected to wear,the interesting fliers, the Monday Motivation, the fact that we are even addressed as Dear Diamond sef Lasan!??‍ and then my interview to join their team…..

Creative Diamonds


The Diamond Woman Proposition,the #pressforprogress

2018 International Women’s day

The Diamond Woman stories: Anjola, Tk and Bella!! I enjoyed it so much I witnessed the book reading and bought the book sef now titled: Women of the Ayo-Keshinton Dynasty.

Thanks Olayemi Olusoga for making our Weekends and Mondays memorable those times and now because am sure we all can still remember ??

My People, the book is now available for sale as you can see.

Then the feelings that came with the resignation of my good friends, colleagues turned family,how my heart will rip apart reading from them saying farewell (yes I said am that emotional)
My chat boyfriends…..hahahaha (coveringface)
My ‘can you imagine, pls give me the gist’ chat crew!!!

The competency development tests…

The come dressed in school uniforms because it’s children day palava!!

The end of the year parties….
The TGIFs….

Yes o!

How can I forget our super duper Diamond Mobile App and *426# customer mobilization at the branch level:Good Morning, welcome to diamond, have you downloaded our mobile app?

Its uncountable jor, it was all worth it.
They are all occurrences that shaped my stay in Diamond Bank.

I had fun, I learnt lessons and also became a better person.

My Favourite slogans :
DIAMOND;Your Bank (you say it with phonetics and an attitude o)
ONE DIAMOND; Battle ready!!

The beautiful mines will be reconstructed, its undeniable our beautiful DIAMOND brand is gone.

It’s a new season, The Diamonds have been ACCESSed.

The ‘Merger’

Though the mine may be destroyed but WE Diamonds are Forever!! (YES O!) Therefore,it is now imperative to note that Diamonds don’t function in the mine, they have to be ACCESSed to be accepted….. Are you ready for tommorow?

However,in view of the kickoff of the merger on the 1st of April , if you have any experience with Diamond Bank as a staff that you will like to share for memories sake or even as a customer that you will like to be retained or worked on kindly put at the comment section.

What is coming is BIG, 3 Continents, 12 Countries ,29 million Customers!!!


Feel free to share pictures as well!

It’s me AroHa. …I am reflecting

We can hear you!!

Keep Sparkling!!