Sometimes you just really ponder if you are worth up to something or nothing.

A task or quality of life. …

Not as in the case of low self-esteem but in the case of knowing if you can get going when the going gets really tough.

Champions are those who have actually faced there fears, who have not allowed the opinion of other humans like them define them.

Over-comers have identified what in life works for them and are going strictly by it.


Who are your friends?
What is their mindset?
Who are you rolling with?
What are you when u are alone?

What are your values, have you even defined them?
Who do you listen to?
Who can correct you?

Are you really who you say you are? Are you living in the shadow of what others portray or perceive you to be?

It’s insanity to deceive others and also deceive yourself,Know your own truth and own it!

Yes, we only live once, but how do we live that one life that we have to live just once? ( almost confusing right? I know yeah….)

Do we gratify the flesh and subdue the spirit?
Take it from here and back the spiritual controls the physical!!!

You are allowed to fall, but don’t lie down there… GET UP!!

You can make mistakes but work tirelessly to correct them and never make them again!

You can fight distractions, YES YOU CAN: identify your area of greed and deal with it, always tell yourself the truth!!

STARVE your distractions!!

In 2019, I am facing my fears,breaking barriers, standing above limitations!!

What about you?

It takes 21 days to form an habit, consistency is key for every notable change or performance

It’s already 28days after we said happy New Year… far? are your resolutions still intact?



Value Relationships

We sometimes do not appreciate others to the fullest capacity at which we should.

Some are Lucky because they have the chance to re-think and re-evaluate so they can finally admire others and appreciate roles they have played in their lives.

This thought process of acknowledging the role of people is stirred by memories of people that have transcended the shores of mortals and it has become impossible to see, feel, touch or laugh with them anymore. At least not in this territory called “Earth“.

Other set of people are those that due to life happenings you became far apart, living in different continent with a new way of life and other things that makes us to miss each others daily activities.

There are others who due to our resolutions and goals have separated us and reduced the intimacy in our relationships.

We should often make the best use of every time and situation we have and make the best of relationships, be it family, workplace or any other.

Cherish the friends you can literally touch,hug, smile with and at, gist and sleep beside, these moments won’t last forever.

Take not for granted those far away that you can still visit, check up on them.
Appreciate the ones you can call, face time, video call and Skype.

For the ones that have due to resolution or decision become strangers, you can only wonder or try to understand why it has become so, after which you will choose either to cherish the past times or do away with the memories.

For those you cannot see anymore , we can pray that they rest in peace, miss them and then pray for them once again.

To those that have lost a loved one either to death, bad relationship or personal decision I pray for the fortitude to bear the Loss and Pain.

I also pray for you :strength to carry on!!

My people take the comment section of this page to mention that person you miss, pray for that person you lost

Message that person that is still alive!

Profess your Love, show how much you care!!

Make that call!!! Appreciate those that are still near and dear to your heart!!!

Selah !!